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DIY HC/Punk, raw, pissed off and dirty! One-sided 12″ with screen print on the b-side!

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After it has also come to Donald Trump that DISGUSTING NEWS have something on it, it is priobably natural that the punk band from Bielefeld finally releases their first record. With FRESSFEIND, the quartet around singer Vanessa shows how pissed one should be in times like these and you are free express accordingly. Fast guitares and drum parts like a sewing machine underline the anger towards society, politics and the world of work. Recorded at the Raketenstudio in Dortmund, the 8 hits get exactly the raw sound that suits them. The 12“  was released on Schädelbruch Platten, the label of drummer Patrick. One can only hope that the band will continue to do the same and that the next work will not be long in coming.

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