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What can I say? I love me a good split – and this latest one between Abstracter and Dark Circles is mind melting. With two wonderfully brainy bands putting out some of their best music to date Sick Man Getting Sick Records once again prove that not only are their bands among the best and the brightest, but also that they are growing something truly special. Neither group really conforms to any one genre, but I can say fairly definitively that both acts have massive potential appeal in the black/doom metal set.

The crushing despair represented on Abstracter’s side of the split is perfectly reflected by Dark Circles antediluvian magic. Both bands fit into a very specific niche that will leave underground metal fans begging for more. One of my favorite things about this particular release is that though Abstracter and Dark Circles have fairly different sounds they still definitely compliment each other and provide a wide range of aural triumph. Few bands capture the sheer misery of the human condition as well as these groups do, and Abstracters apocalyptic and oftentimes noisy suffering is a nice match with the blazing almost punky ferocity that Dark Circles so eagerly invoke.

Sick Man Getting Sick are a special label in my heart because they understand the role of the record label in the modern context. They are here as cultivators of taste. Their distinct aesthetic and vision has allowed two of the most exciting bands to come out in recent years the chance to come together and unleash a record that will choke you the fuck out. There is a perpetual burn, an eternal fire behind both bands represented here and digging into their ethereal sacrifices and sonic absolution is a cleansing experience.

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