and none of them knew they were robots – discography 2xLP


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When I was 16 or so I ordered a CD from the now-defunct Assembly Line distro based purely on the fact the band had the longest name I had ever seen. The self-titled 7 track CD turned out to be a hugely important release for me during my formative ’emo’ years, with barely a day going by that I didn’t listen to it or try to shove it down my friends’ throats. If you had told me then that 15 years down the line I would be releasing the bands discography on a double LP I would have told man to shut up – but here we are!

Across two 180g black 12″ records you get every song the band ever released, plus material that was unreleased until now. Every track has also been remastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering from the original source files to ensure nothing dodgy or inconsistent is going on with the sound.

Packaging-wise, it is housed in a reverse board (that means it is a lovely non-glossy textured surface) gatetfold sleeve with a double sided black and white A3 insert containing photos from the bands early days and lyrics to all of the songs. The artwork itself, originally conceived by Paul Heys and updated by Kev from the band, is a homage to the aforementioned CD, beautifully bringing the whole thing round full circle.

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