wild animals – first songs 12″


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inside out sleeve with screenprinted pe sleeve

Wild Animals, to my ears, sound a lot like Samiam. Melodies that wander blissfully, open guitar chords, and a general lo-fi malaise. Interestingly, the drums are very reserved, usually consisting of a back beat, something not notable about Paula’s other band, screamo powerhouse Enoch Ardon. Not only does this demonstrate musical versatility, it donates perfectly to the notion of a ‘mixed bill’ when touring with yourself. First Songs EP Is lyrically introspective, with the life affirming, encouraging, ‘”Be yourself ‘cause everyone else is taken!” refrain, from the records third track, The importance of being.

My only concern with the record is when the guitar graduates from the College of Distortion to doing a Masters in Being Really Fuzzy (Hons), the transition isn’t entirely seamless. However, the naïve ropiness of the record forms a charm, and demonstrates a depth of tone that defies academic relativity.

The songs translate really well live, metabolising aforementioned introspection into kinetic performance, almost inspiring the mosh tendencies of even the most retired arm-folder. Essentially, smiley summer emo.


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