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We Never Learned To Live are an exceptionally accomplished band for one firmly in their infancy. At the time their self-titled debut was released in September 2013 they were concluding only their ninth month together.

Residing in Brighton, UK, their cathartic music is as awe-inspiring as the landscape that engulfs them. With an organic approach to writing that sees them restructure and rearrange spontaneous writing sessions, it’s a route which goes someway to explain how a mere three tracks clock-up 24 minutes on this collection.

In We Never Learned To Live, as a band and as an EP, vocalist Sean Mahon is able to address his turbulent childhood in South Wales. After leaving the family home, his consequential actions lumbered him with guilt and he openly acknowledges that this EP is a milestone by providing him with the outlet to vent his frustrations, making for incredibly poignant and personal subject matters.

Lewis Johns of The Ranch Production House (Bastions, Vales, Goodtime Boys) was behind the desk for the recording sessions and perfectly captures the ambience they so carefully set out to create.

In the months following release, We Never Learned To Live have received widespread praise from peers and press, and after quickly selling out of the limited edition handmade cassettes, the band’s debut effort has now made its way on to vinyl through German label Truelove Entertainment.

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