saturday’s kids – grey on white 7″


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Side A on this seven inch is heavy as hell. The drums have a really 80’s kind of stomp to them and there’s a recurring queasy, yawning riff that builds and builds. This could sound massive live. Plus, Saturday’s Kids seem able to switch at ease between styles without any lack of coherence or disruption to the flow of the song. Track two, Black Pocket, shows there’s some seriously good songwriting ability present. It begins much more straightforward and, without wanting to damn them with faint praise, recalls a kind of Groop Dogdrill rough and readiness. If I had a gripe it’d be the ever-so-slightly clunky lyrics – “You don’t think the same / it’s going to rape through your bloodstream”. A tad too A-Level-lyricism for me. This 7” as a whole is bloody exciting. This being the first time I’ve heard them I can already tell I’d want to hear every future upcoming release. These guys totally deserve the word of mouth hype that can build steadily over time and send them into some sort of genuine, underground, DIY stratosphere. (collective zine)
co-release with bombed out and art for blind

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