the black heart rebellion – har nevo LP


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Musically The Black Heart Rebellion have evolved into a tribalistic beast. Guitars lower in the
mix, drums and additional percussive elements compliment Pieter Uyttenhove’s impassioned
vocals. Opener ‘Avraham’ demonstrates this beautifully. Chimes, bells, cello and percussion
blending until Uyttenhove’s breathless vocals begin. Then the feeling of being chased through the
woods by an axe-murderer takes over. Something about TBHR reminds me of the much missed
The God Machine, but more in the grandiose delivery rather than a direct musical comparision
perhaps. There is also a shared vibe with fellow Belgian titans Amenra but without their crushing
heaviness. Indeed the friendship between them extends to a collaborative sharing of artistic and
musical philosophies and mutual appreciation.

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