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Swedish screamo band Suis La Lune has returned after a three year interim with a four-track EP titled Distance/Closure. Out tomorrow (July 31) on Topshelf Records, the self recorded EP is a little darker and edgier than their 2012 release Riala, though the band swears they are still the same — minus the role switch between drummer Daniel Patterson and guitarist Karl Sladö.

Opening track “Different Perspectives” starts off slowly, with a sparse guitar and soft drumming that pauses in order to allow the distraught background vocals to come through and grow into a more powerful rock melody. The heaviness overshadows vocalist Henning Runolf, but the few lyrics you manage to grasp are passionate: “I’m always messing up everything,” he releases agitatedly before the song picks up the pace again.

Though Distance/Closure leans toward a somber sound, the liveliness of the guitar keeps the tempo upbeat, especially during track “Better Parts.” The EP is much more than just screamo and makes up for their long break between releases.


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