shizune – le voyageur imprudent LP

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It’s hard to find a place to start with the compliments (because there are so many compliments to give) for a band like Italy’s Shizune. Their latest release Le Voyageur Imprudent is a poetic masterpiece with a well balanced formula of intense emotionally driven instruments and well controlled, passionate vocals. Released 03/02/2015 by Driftwood Records and Dog Knights Productions this is a release well deserving of your time. They are a 5 piece band from Italy that has been releasing quality music since 2012. They have definitely grown a lot between each release while having a consistency that fans can have faith in. This album was everything you could have wanted out of Shizune.

The album starts out with the track Aestheticism. This song debuts Shizune’s signature multi-lingual lyricism with lyrics that read like a short poem. I’ve always been a fan of songs that start an album out on the fast paced side, so this song definitely accomplished that. They continue to keep you interested with the change of tone throughout the album. “i feel these nights like a moment whose time has already come “ the second track on the album Notes of decay is performed in english, and right from the beginning with lines like that you can admire the talent Shizune’s vocalist Enrico has in multiple languages. His ability to form poetry in Italian, Japanese, French, and English is mesmerizing. He uses complex vocal patterns to draw you deeper and deeper into the songs. Allowing you to truly admire the complementing instruments in a whole new way. There are total of 10 tracks on the album, so you have a lot of beautiful music to choose from. The only downside to this album in my opinion is that there aren’t translations offered on the bandcamp. However, I also found that to be kind of a good thing because it allows me to appreciate the music in a different way. I can pretty much make the song about whatever I want. It’s easy to get lost throughout this album, the songs flow together so well you that you go from track to track without realizing how fast you’re progressing. Another track I feel that is worth mentioning is Orienteering in Aokigahara青木ヶ原 . The beautiful and unique tone of the guitar on this track takes to a special place only few songs can. I found this to be a perfect transition from Senza luce to Difficile da capire, impossibile da spiegare. It’s hard to not listen to those songs as a group of 3. Overall this album is very easy to recommend to anyone! Especially to long time fans of Shizune (like myself).


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