raven mccoy / if footmen tire you, what will horses do? split 7″


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two young Scandinavian bands. If Footmen Tire You … play a desperate brand of heavy dark sounding hardcore that is based on very strong screamed vocals and oppressive guitar lines which are shaded by a very significant bass.  they contribute one long song on this split, that runs through 5 minutes in midtempo and reminds on early material by bands such as Kill Holiday. On Raven McCoy‘s first vinyl release, the band put out two songs of frantic San Diego styled madness meeting ear catching melodies. Once the song gows through one of those melodies it‘s carried through all former used ingredients and combines elements of music played by bands like Swing Kids and The Crimson Curse on one side and bands such as Hot Cross and Kidcrash on the other side. A great debut that makes curious for more.

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