one hundred year ocean / you could be a cop split 12″


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both combining inspirations from emo, postrock and even singer-songwriter bedroom atmosphere these two bands make a perfect match in the way they don’t match perfectly

200 copies were pressed in total, these copies have travelled from canada to the US to norway to germany. cobald blue vinyl. remarkably beautiful artwork, too.

listen to the record:

one hundred year ocean deliver a looooong song that sways through and combines different bits of indie, athmospheric postrock with electric guitars and down to earth acoustic singer-songwriter intimacy like it was nothing. Speaking of intimacy, on the flipside you could be a cop are back after their split LP with amid the old wounds with another sad song, this time soooooothingly long (13 minutes), at times twinkly at times atmoshperic and wall of sound-ish, showing a clear departure from what they sounded on their former material.

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