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Seven lush Post-Rock tracks, this French band specializes in creating very emotional cinematic music that any fan of the genre would greatly appreciate. Heavily focusing on highly atmospheric content, this five-piece crafts very unique and powerful music that will transport you to landscapes painted by your imagination thanks to the very ethereal musical style.

The mood setting intro “>” nicely builds up to the hypnotic “A Mere Shift Of Origin”. This tracks atmosphere is greatly aided by the spoken vocals, creating a nice complementing feature that slowly explode into powerful distorted guitars. The band’s very martial approach allows the track to perfectly progress and the lush keyboards create a solid contrast in the atmosphere.

On “I’m Stuck” we get the heavier side of the band, thanks to the powerful guitars. The band borders into Post-Metal territories, but it perfectly pulls back into more mellow passages. There are even some nice shoegazing moments that greatly add to the ambiance of the music. The band goes into full cinematic mode in tracks like “Hope, Fights & Disillusions” and “They’re Coming”, both 8-minute pieces of brilliant music.

The playful “Under Close Surveillance” changes the tempo a bit, but still continues with the excellent spoken vocals and lush guitar work. The bass guitar in this particular track is quite solid and nicely adds to the overall musical experience of the band. Closing the album we have the dark and dramatic “The Day I Ruined My Life”, our favorite track of this release. This track feels a bit more like its own world, and it also includes some fitting harsh vocals. Quite a contrast from the previous tracks, but it works very well with the band’s dynamic sound. This reminded us a bit of The Ocean and their ‘slower’ songs.

Overall, “Motions” is quite the musical journey. Lost in Kiev has excellent musicians in its ranks and they are not afraid of showing it. As a whole, this album flows perfectly and shifts moods very nicely. If you are looking for bands similar to “God Is An Astronaut”, Godspeed Your Black Emperor”, and similar acts, look no further and check out this excellent release.


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