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Light Bearer’s second opus, Silver Tongue stands at a monolithic 80 minutes in length, while that may sound daunting to the average listener , any with previous knowledge of Light Bearer (through their debut “Lapsus” or 2 E.P’s) or frontman Alex CF’s previous group Fall of Efrafa will know what to expect.
The album serves as a continuation of the story started with the E.P’s and Lapsus, in layman’s terms a new take and metaphorical interpretation of some of the ideologies found in the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullmans, Paradise Lost by John Milton and the Divine Comedy by Dante.
What we have is here is an epic Sludge, Hardcore, avante-garde/post metal album, taking in influences from folk and classical music. It may sound confusing but imagine Neurosis, Godspeed You Black Emperor and Sludgey Hardcore in a blender and you might come close to the crushing sound of Light Bearer.
To explain the depth and breadth of this body of work in a short blog review would do it no justice, but from the opening lament of Beautiful Is This Burden through to the final one-two punch of the incredibly crushing Aggressor & Usurper and the cliffhanger/finale of Silver Tongue this will stand as one of the year’s best hardcore/post-metal albums.
Go and immerse yourself in the sombre beauty of Light Bearer. And of course, to get a full sense of their ideologies and the full story of the planned quadrology of albums visit their official blog and listen through their brilliant discography from the beginning until this second full length.

Words by : Richard Powley (the sludge lord)

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