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footprint kingfoam orthotic insoles provide dampening of up to 95% of impact energy. be it on a skateboard, snowboard, hiking or just a long day of work, after a few hours your feet may feel sore. depending on your specific type of feet, to be more precise if you have a low, mid or high arch, you may profit from some more dampening or and/or some more support

unlike game changers kingfoam orthotics are not heat moldable in the oven. they are made with a fluid in a chamber under your arch that dynamically adapts to each step, providing customizing arch support.

these insoles are 5 mm thick, so they work best in shoes that came with similarly thick insoles. if your shoes came with very thin insoles you can still put 5 mm soles inside, but your shoes will fit smaller (possibly too small). if that may be an issue please get the 3 mm insoles instead (that’s the camo blue variant, called kingfoam orthotic insoles low). game changers or orthotic insoles are recommended if you have a low to mid arch. if you have a high arch please consider getting some kingfoam flat insoles

kingfoam is patented material that looks like any other foamy insole, but here’s how it works:

  • Reacts and adapts to each step
  • Stable support at the moment of impact
  • Feels like a cloud under your feet
  • Adapts to your unique arch shape
For constantly firm custom arch support, try Gamechangers.

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