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12″ release of the two year old debut LP “Nice to Meet You I Hate You” by highschool crybaby’s known as Flowers Taped To Pens. DIY recorded twinkly screamo from San Diego, CA.

“Albums like this are the epitome of what I love about DIY and garage recordings in general. The recordings aren’t perfect, or doctored up by any means and you can feel the raw, in your face, emotion that seeps out of every song on this 7 song EP roller-coaster ride. Dipping into at times a definite emo violence sound and jumping back with some twinkly riffs and leads with rough, strained screaming, Flowers Taped to Pens really captures what I would consider the true essence of emo.” – emomusic

“I can’t think of a proper way to describe Flowers Taped to Pens. And I know, thinking of proper ways to describe bands is kind of my job as the reviewer, but I don’t feel like this is a case of mental block. Instead, it’s a tribute to the incredibly unique brand of emo these San Diegans have been able to pull together since their formation in April. Nice to Meet You, I Hate You was clearly influenced by a multitude of genres as diverse as post rock, screamo, Midwest twinkle, and shoegaze. Best of all, Flowers Taped to Pens were able to pull together these influences to produce a really cool album.” – Funeral Sounds

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