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Constantly developing melodic hardcore band Deceits came up with their third release the other day. After both their untitled EP and “Tideless” were CD releases only, the band has finally managed to convince various labels of itself. “Circs” is now available on vinyl via Beyond Hope Records and Last Note Records.

Starting off with a calm guitar melody coupled with a spoken sample, the first seconds of “Misled” seem auspicious already. In a playtime of about 20 minutes, Deceits will never prove you wrong. Though the band sticks to the contemporary genre of melodic hardcore, they have created a style you are able to recognize amongst an endless amount of other bands.

It’s safe to say that the band’s songwriting has improved quite a lot as the balance of post-rock elements and heavier hardcore parts seems always perfect. The record finds its highlight quite early already since “Reflected” just feels great listening to combining typical shouting with kind of clear vocals. Following instrumental “Dazed” completely consists of smooth post-rock melodies, which once more plainly shows the awesomeness of this record. Though they are indeed impressive too, “Unfulfilled” and “Detached” can’t quite reach the level of the previous songs.

Basically, the record shows a certain Deceits style which probably can be recognized amongst an infinite amount of modern hardcore bands. Powerful shouting stays a dominant feature throughout all the tracks, whereas all the guitar riffs seemingly try to surpass one another continuously. Though the record get slightly boring at its very end, “Circs” is a vast improvement compared to former releases by the band.

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