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After several years out of print, Magic Bullet Records is proud to re-issue S/T, the seminal album from Denver, CO’s CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE. Informally known as the “Stereo” record, the posthumous impact and influence, while difficult to gauge completely, is nonetheless completely undeniable. Successful mainstream acts such as JIMMY EAT WORLD (who attained their early start via a split 7″ with CFD) have gone on record numerous times in stating the importance of the band, both in context of their own band and independent music on the whole. The July 2008 issue of Alternative Press went so far as to declare CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE as one of “23 Bands Who Shaped Punk” itself (alongside FUGAZI, HÜSKER DÜ, BAD BRAINS, BLACK FLAG, DESCENDENTS, INTEGRITY, et al). The consensus among many was that CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE was the band that gave punk rock that crucial moment where it realized that slowness and melody could be just as powerful and communicative as blast beats and all-out throaty vocal assaults. Some describe it as the “second wave” of “emo,” perhaps the splintering off point for a host of punk rock’s sub-genres to come. But we prefer to look at it in much simpler terms: an undeniable classic.

The 2010 edition of S/T features all 10 original tracks in their original order. While the mixes have been preserved, all 10 tracks have been remastered for full fidelity. As a special bonus, every copy of the album is accompanied by a complimentary bonus DVD, featuring the band’s final 1996 performance (digitally transferred from the original VHS camcorder technology of the era). Both discs are housed inside of new packaging featuring an updated design coordinated between the label and all original band members some 14 years later. Very few records possess the inherent traits that allow them to somehow become more significant as time moves forward. Unquestionably, CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE‘s S/T is one of them.

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