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Chivàlas second EP of chaotic punky screamish emo, that has its twinkly and even singalong bits, too. comes on a single sided 12″ record with a screen print on the B-Side.

listen to the record:

screenprints of vinyl and sleeve are good quality with just a tiny bit of smudging/blurriness on the back cover. record sleeves are near mint,  show a small corner dong

Chivàla never stops. After their astounding 10 inches split with Suirami, their impassioned track on the split tape with Reste and their surprising Saetia cover released in November 2020 the band is coming back with a four tracks EP. Still in their style but with some slight changes Chivàla gives us an EP with more soft-toned songs but as still intense as their previous releases. Take attention to the lyrics that are always something to notice in their music. The themes they address show us one more time that Chivàla are exceptional and kind people. Because behind every band and every songs there are people who live, who fear, and who have feelings. And if there is one thing we can say about Chivàla is that who they are is part of their music. In these pandemic times having the privilege to allow people to have feelings through music is unique and that’s why you have to listen to this feel good four track EP. The Chivàla music give us the sensation to feel human and that feeling is more important than ever. They are not emotional hardcore, they are not screamo, they’re just human being doing incredible music. Is there something else we can ask to a band?

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