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Chinese Dama is a really rad emo/skram band from Italy. The Italians have this style of punk on lock, with bands like La Quiete and Raein really leading the pack. Chinese Dama sounds like these bands, but one thing that stands out a lot on this 7″ is the bass. It’s pretty heavy and loose sounding. It definitely gives the record a lot of texture. The vocals are really frantic. If this music has taught me anything about Italian culture, everyone there is super intense and yells a lot! I know that’s not true, but how I wish it was.

I wish I knew more about this band. There is very little info on their myspace and the record label that released this 7″, Dance Tonight seems to be sold out of everything! It’s a shame, because that silk screened cover looks so pretty. Death Playing Chinese Checkers! Awesome. Anyways, download this if you’re into bands like Raein, Heads and Heads or Daitro.

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