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Black Everest finally put out another four songs that are a progression of their “st” demo. Built on the same fundaments, these tunes are more atmospheric and gloomy. Long passages of instrumental parts lead into totally harsh effusions of blastbeatdriven melodies. Without losing their roots, the band extended their sound and connected heaviness with various tempi that lead halfway into components of ambient music. An interesting mix of tunes that fall somewhere between what was once known as screamo, hardcore and heavy postrock.

CYSIS. These are the last three songs by the sadly disbanded “Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking”. After several lineup-changes these guys managed to write their final material that is embraced by a dark and despaired mood. Brilliant written melodies getting rushed by a frightening voice and uncompromising beaten drums. Just a few moments are left that leave space to uplift tensions. Post mortem CYSIS releases another brilliant record that marks the end of an almost too short lived band that knew to write epic,thrilling and dynamic songs that were tagged by labels such as screamo, postrock and hardcore. Farewell.

The record comes in a gatefold jacket which covered by an amazing artwork of Mara Picione.

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