by any means compilation cassette


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21 current Bay Area bands

Side A: Neon Piss – Burn, Sourpatch – Say That I’m Not Over, Synthetic ID – Rewiring, Street Eaters – Dead Parts, Comadre – Cold Rain, No Statik – Male Gaze, Apogee Sound Club – Defiance, Index – I Tried To Deal, True Mutants – Morning, Hunting Party – Pleasure Island, Violent Change – Kill Your Mother

Side B: Permantent Ruin – Legacy/Vendido, C’est Dommage – The Transitory Nature of Modern Employment, Cold Circuits – Remote User, Saint Lorena – Filth Queen, Daikon – Carry Me Home, Replica – Strings, Endemics – Sutures, New Flesh – Kneel and Prey, Huff Stuff Magazine – Yesterdays News, Nasty Christmas – Broken Road

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