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Bee Control is a hardcore trio composed of Dave Laney (Milemarker, Auxes, Challenger), Trevor de Brauw (Pelican, Tusk, Chord) and Theo Katsaounis (Joan of Arc, Locks, Hey Tonal, et al ad infinitum). The four quick blasts that comprise the tracklisting of the group’s debut 7″ are a distillation of the ferocity and simplicity of early 80′s hardcore with the willful avantisms and lyrical nihilism that informed the mid-90′s punk scene in which these musicians originally got their start. At the core of the EP is a desire to tap into the same fertile soil in which their musical lives originally took root, to recapture and reevaluate their youthful rage with wisened eyes, and to eradicate any misconceptions of middle aged contentment – the bitterness increases by the day.

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