autarkeia / me and goliath split LP


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Autarkeia plays a brand of dark screamo influenced hardcore. There’s a melodic element to it throughout, though can give way to more chaotic moments. The female vocals over top remind me a bit of Cerce at times and work great with the music. All three songs on here break the 4 minute mark, featuring quite few moments for musical exploration and dynamics. I get a Raein/Portraits of Past feel at times, most likely for the reasons of texture and layering that take place within the music.

Me and Goliath keep the dark influence consistent as they take over from here. The band provides a nice mix of slower and faster moments that stick to a straight forward time signature. It has a traditional characteristic to it, though is infused with a great deal of energy and melody by the song writing style. By the third track the band is blazing away on some faster, more unconventional beats, showing that they can also bring the chaos when necessary.

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