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skate grip kit, includes 2 preformed pieces for nose and tail, as well as 8 stripe pieces. generally, but mostly if you are intending to do fliptricks on your snowskate I personally recommend not setting your grip up the way it is displayed on the picture that comes with the product. big areas full of grip actually grip less than if you leave more space between them. get in touch if you’d like to see my setup or want to ask for some advice

Tundra grip studs are a bit higher and wider than the current Prism Grip, as well as higher than the former ExtremeGrip
Tundra has significantly more grip than ExtremeGrip and still notably more than Prism Grip. I personally prefer Tundra over Prism in warmer temperatures as well as for slides, uneven runups and I have a little better control over my ollies with Tundra. Also I can heelflip a lot better with Tundra. However for kickflips Tundra is too grippy for me most of the times, so when I want to do kickflips or when it’s colder temperatures I prefer Prism grip. However Prism grip wears out a lot faster than Tundra, in the areas where I flick my kickflip the studs get worn down relatively quickly, I suppose this is less the case if you skate in cold environment, but for the typical central european winter just around 0 degrees Celsius I found that to be the case. Hope all that info helps.

here’s what the manufacturer has to say:

TundraGrip is the newest product from GripAll, offering a new non-metallic stud design that is the most aggressive grip in our product line.  The taller profile height of the stud results in a firmer planted sole when surfing through  slush and a closer connection when popping ollies in the pow.

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