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allstargum is a vegan, solvent free and non-toxic glue that holds any type of plastic, textile or leather. it was invented to repair skate shoes, but can be used to repair any type of shoes obviously.
it is being produced in france and was classified not toxic for the health and the ecology

why allstargum if we’ve used shoe goo or hot glue for 25 years now, you ask? good question indeed. let me try to explain

– while shoe goo apparently is vegan-friendly, many other glues are not. they can originate from animal bone or milk (casein)

– according to the list of environmental and health warnings written on a box of shoe goo includes:
may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.
may cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.
limited evidence of a carcinogenic effect.

– shoe goo, hot glue and most other glues establish a solid and slippery surface when dried out. that’s typically not want you want from a skate shoe, you want it to be grippy. allstargum stays a little soft and grippy when dry, ideal for skateboarding

how to use allstargum? just push the tube, spread it over the worn parts (clear them from any dirt and dust beforehand), and even with your fingers, an ice cube, or a sturdy fresh leaf from your garden. you may want to wear protective gloves, but then again that’s more waste produced, maybe you’ll find an alternative. ideally cover your finger in liquid soap prior to touching allstargum to make your fingers less sticky. please allow 2-5 hours to dry until you touch it, give 24 hours until it’s fully dry and ready to skate

please visit this site to see what it can do, and what it looks like. please even repair holes in their soles!

allstargum can even be used to repair water-repellent clothing like jackets or blow up toys (umm… for kids, I mean) or to custom design clothing, get inspired here

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