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on clear/silver marble vinyl

twisted noisy and passionated screamed hardcore from italy.

A Flower Kollapsed’s third album. A Flower Kollapsed is an Italian band living in Orsago (Treviso); thanks to the success of their first two albums and to plenty of collaborations with both national and international record labels, they carved out their own space not only in Italy but also abroad.
In a little bit less than half an hour this album which is called like the band itself, is the result of 7 years of activity and live concerts in almost every European country. Mathcore and noise-core impact come one after the other destroying everything, a violence that says to the listener: no rules.
The album goes beyond the simply idea of creating music, in fact the songs are an expression of personal considerations about the consumerism of the contemporary capitalist society.

In particular in the lyrics there are many references to nature, which is seen as a generative force, see for example (animal, all nature is my nature, mud, uniformity). Since we come from nature and we depend on nature for our existence we should protect it, while under today’s monetary system, natural resources are exploited for profit. This is a really well-focused album; each track on this album has been carefully crafted in ways that ensure each song reaches its full potential

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