pack of 8 vegan-friendly shoe repair patches

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skateboarding can wear down your shoes in literally no time, especially when you are wearing non-leather shoes, no matter for what reason. cotton, twill or even synthetic leather are less resilient to the tearing of griptape, hence your shoes can wear down to your skin pretty quickly. usually a skateboarder’s way to prevent that is using shoe goo, and while there is generally nothing wrong with this method (although there is a much healthier and better alternative around) it doesn’t look very nice, and I also found that shoe goo builds a very sleek and slippery surface when dry, which just feels wrong if what you are looking for in skateboarding is your shoe to actually grip your board.

tricktape is a great option to repair or protect your shoes and make them last, while maintaining a good performance when skateboarding and a better look over the glue method even when repaired.
each set comes as a pack of 8 patches, 2.50″ x 1.25″ in size (thats 6,35 cm x 3,18 cm)

here’s a review/how to I made myself:

here’s a video made by the products’ founder:

and another one by a youtuber not affiliated with the company:

patches are made of recycled synthetic suede and the glue is synthetic too.

of course you don’t need to skateboard to make good use of tricktape, it will repair just any shoe and make it last longer, for a less over-consumed and less poluted world

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