Time as a color
„duct „terraformer“ „watered“ „terraformer“ „lorraine" „terraformer" Plans for nobody


tba tba

you could be a cop EP (april/may 2017)

duct hearts feathers LP (june 2017)

terraformer / watered split LP (april 2017)

pettersson / det är därför vi bygger städer split 7“ (april 2017)

pettersson rift and seam LP

coma regalia / gillian carter split 6“

coma regalia / det är därför vi bygger städer split 7“

time as a color - X 2007 - 2017 compilation LP

nebraska / diplomat split LP

terraformer mineral LP

lorraine gimbal lock / pitch/roll/yaw 7″

coma regalia / what of us split LP

the blue period / human hands split LP

regarde / pastel / saudade / marmore split 12″

human hands morning sun LP

the blue period summer 2013 10“

kaoru nagisa / coma regalia split flexi

coma regalia ours is the cause most noble 2x7“

kumulus white 12“

divided by water 2x7“

grand detour tripalium LP

hexis MMXIV. A. D. XII. KAL. DEC. flexi disc

duct hearts / laube split 7“

the daydream fit / dotlights / lorraine / duct hearts split 7“

duct hearts if you prick us, do we not bleed? 7“

amouth awaken LP

human hands / mars to stay split 7“

bail in closing memories LP

carson wells / human hands split 7"

human hands / nebraska / asthenia / manku kapak / duct hearts my heart in your hand 10"

plans for nobody self titled LP

human hands self titled LP

wits end / human hands split 7"

grand detour self titled 12"

saturday's kids grey on white 7"

bird calls / human hands split 7"

your neighbour the liar / human hands Split 7"

leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs. 3x7" box (standard version)

leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs. 3x7" box (subscriber version)

empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) / your neighbour the liar / smithsonian leave nothing but footprints... chapter III 7"

the rabbit theory / kids return / duct hearts / eucalypt leave nothing but footprints... chapter II 7"

her breath on glass / bail / I found myself in austin, texas leave nothing but footprints... chapter I 7"

black everest self titled 7"

your neigbour the liar self titled 7"

saturday's kids Self Titled 10"

saturday's kids / kids return Split 10"

Wishes on a plane / Bail transparency Split 7"

captain, your ship is sinking / mio Split 12"

this city has no seasons compilation LP

we fade to grey / mock Split 7"

Mio / Duct hearts Split 7"

Kc milian All sorts of things 2xLP

Bail / Wishes on a Plane Transparency tour split CD-R

Grave, Shovel... Let's Go! / Me and Goliath Split 7"

We fade to grey the sound of trees... - cassette

Wishes on a Plane this faint line 10"

Thoughts Paint The Sky S/T CD-EP

Mr. Willis of Ohio 4 song cassette

DATH+ NO3- cassette compilation